Yangming Restaurant is located in Amsterdam with easy access, comfy surroundings, originial taste and reasonable price, serving as the ideal location for dinning. Below is the group catering menu, and we can also adjust the menu to satisfy the request by travellers from different regions.

Tel: +31(0)20 6826738 / 20 6827259

1. Standard Group Menu (five dishes and one soup)
Double boiled soup
Crispy chicken wings
Lettuce in oyster sauce
Roasted duck in Hong Kong style
Sichuan spicy tofu
Tomato fried eggs

For free: rice with fresh fruits

2. Luxurious Gourp Menu (six dishes and one soup)
Double boiled soup
Salt and Pepper Prawns
Fried diced chicken with chilli and pepper
Lettus in oyster sauce
Braised tenderloin with turnip
Sautéed Vegetables with Garlic
Steamed fresh seafish

For free: rice with fresh fruits

3. Standard Group Catering
Yangming recommends the following dishes for group catering. Price to be discussed:
Apart from that, Yangming Restaurant also supplies fresh seafood (sea bass, turbot, fan scallop, lobster and so on) for customers' luxurious experience. Enquiries from travelling groups are welcome.

We will adjust the menu according to the request by each group to best satisfy customers from different regions.


Group Menu:
Double boiled soup
Lettuce with oyster sauce, Roasted duck in Hong Kong style, Spicy hot bean curd, Scrambled eggs with tomatoes
Chicken nuggets, Green pepper beef with black bean sauce, Chinese broccoli with garlic sauce, Crispy fried fish pieces, Stir fried pork with chili pepper
Roasted pork with secret sauce, Fried pork in sweet and sour sauce, Sweet and sour spare ribs, Beef with jack beans
Shredded pork with pickled cabbage and vegetable soybean, sour and spicy cucumber, Squid with pepper and salt, Sliced fish with black bean sauce, Sauteed seasonal vegetable
Crispy roasted pork, Kung pao chicken, Stir fry chicken dices with hot chili, Sliced beef in hot chili oil
Beef with jack beans,Braised tenderloin with turnip, fish cubes, Seafood and tofu pot


Baked prawn with cheese, Lobster with ginger and onion, Steamed scallop with garlic and vermicelli, Steamed sea bass, Steamed fresh turbot



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